Student Information System

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What is SIS ?

SIS (Student Information System) is a comprehensive school management system to manage all the activities done in an educational institution. It manages all functions of the institution including students, courses, teachers, exams, homework, employees and expenses.

In SIS admin, teachers, students and parent can access and track their functions. A teacher can manage all the stuff regarding his/her classes and students. Parents can see grades, attendees and fee vouchers. Students can see homework, class routines, exam grades and fee vouchers.


Student Admissions

Student admission is essential part of institute. SIS allows admin to fill all the required information of student to add new admission easily. During new admission admin can set student’s fee structure, class, discount, picture.

Fee Slips

Using SIS, admin can print fee slips/vouchers every month for each student. It allows to print vouchers for whole class at once as well as individual student. Admin can pay fees in the system and can print duplicate fee slips if needed.


In SIS Teachers and Admin can mark student’s attendance. SIS sends SMS notifications to parents mobile numbers instantly if a student is absent. A monthly attendance report is also available in the system.

Class Routine/Timetable

Classroutine/Timetable is a nice feature of SIS, admin is able to create class routines for every class. Teachers and Students can see their class routine on their dashboards when they logged in and can manage their work accordingly.

Exams and Marks

SIS is smartly developed to manage exams, admin can create monthly, term wise exams into SIS. For teachers it will allow to add marks for every subject in every exam. It automatically calculates percentages of marks obtained by the students.

Progress Reports

Exam reports are important for every institute to take future decisions. Admin is able to print tabular and graphical reports. Exam reports are also available for students and parents to track student progress.

SMS Notifications

SIS includes SMS notifications. SMS can be sent from various functions of SIS e.g. Attendance, Exam reports and Emergency. Admin can send custom SMS notifications to parents, students and teachers/staff right from the system any time.

Library Management

SIS includes Library management, in library management admin can add new books. When a book is issued to student, it keeps the record and admin has to mark it returned on returning the book by student.


SIS has number of reports, admin can print students, parents, teachers, exams, expense reports. There is Fee report as well from which admin knows which students did not pay the fees.



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