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In modern web designs, designers create different sizes of images on the web pages for attractive layout. If a web page is built using wordpress, a developer has to register every image size in theme to make sure, if client uploads an image of different size, it does not break the layout.

With a new WordPress installation, by default it creates three sizes e.g. thumbnail (150 x 150), medium (300×300), large (1024×1024) which means whenever a new image will be uploaded, WordPress will keep at least four copies of images on the server, one original image and 3 cropped image copies based on image sizes.

When developer/designer needs different size of image, they will register more image sizes e.g. hero, product thumbnail, product large image, team member image etc depending on design of the page.

Now lets say we have 3 default and 3 custom image sizes defined in theme, and now whenever a new image will be uploaded, WordPress will create 6 image copies and 1 original image even we need to use only 1 for a specific area on the website, remaining copies will remain on the server and will occupy space. Imagine when we have lots of posts, pages having different images, how many unnecessary images WordPress creates on the server which are useless and just eat server space. In case of Woo-Commerce website if you need to upload a new slider image for home page or a hero image for about page, it will create a lots of copies including different sizes of products image sizes which woo-commerce registers itself.

Ultimately website speed gets effected and server space as well.

To solve this issue, we build a plugin WP Image Sizes this plugin allows user to decide which image sizes should be created for every image being uploaded through WordPress.

After installing WP Image Sizes, it will create a setting page from where user can assign image sizes to each CPT. e.g. user can assign one size for hero/slider CPT, one size for team member, testimonials. After assigning image sizes to each CPT when user will upload a new image, WP Image Sizes will only allow WordPress to create copies of image sizes which were assigned to the CPT.

In case user tries to upload an image from a Media, it will show options in media uploader to select which image size user wants and WP Image Sizes will only create that image size.

WP Image Sizes plugin saves a lot of space on the server and plays a role to make WordPress website a bit fast.



Free version of WP Image Sizes allows to assign registered image size to each post type. It will create thumbnails/images of post types only for selected sizes.

Pro Features

Bulk Create Image Sizes
Allows you to select post types and available image size to generate only those image sizes for selected post type

Bulk Delete Image Sizes
Allows you to select post types and available image size to delete only those image sizes for selected post type

Create Images on Runtime
When a page is loaded with specific image size that doesn’t exist, This enabled will allow you to generate those image size on runtime



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